Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 13

Day 13 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 714/16
Day 13
There really isn't much to tell. It was a pretty ho hum kind of a day. I worked the pool desk, which looks like I'll be there quite often now, and then it rained. It's really not that surprising for Florida this time of year.
After my pool shift, I had one more shift. I actually had time between shifts to get some food. I had something happen that I'd rather not disclose, but it was awful, and I wouldn't wish something like that on my worst enemy.
I was on the phone with my husband, who cheered me up. And then I got a message on my phone from the messenger.
It was a message from a great friend from the other side of the world. She sent me this picture, and it kind of made my day, or should I say night.
I am truly grateful for moments like these. I'm grateful for good friends. I'm grateful for my husband. That's all I got! :)

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