Saturday, February 16, 2013

DVD Silent Film Era: Cobra 1925

I have been watching quite a bit of  Valentino films lately.  And all of them, Mr. Valentino has this creep factor to me.  Yes woman might have found him suave and charming, but to me, he was indeed a creep.

I think the role a person plays is one that is similar to their own identities in some sort of way.  In every Valentino movie I've seen so far, he plays the man that cannot resist women.  They come on strong with him and in the end, he regrets it and only wants his true love to forgive him.

In another movie I've seen where he's the dominant type, wanting his women to do whatever he says, no questions asked.

In the movie Cobra, it was a bit different.  It shows that he is a count and women are instantly drawn to him  In Italy where he resides, he friends an American and they travel back to America together where they work on antique collections and price them.

From there it shows he meets a woman in her early to mid 20's who can't find a man.  I guess in those days, you were married by 18 which by our standards in today's society, would be frowned upon.

He rejects her and his friend marries her.  The Valentino character is in love with the secretary who ignores his advances.  In the end after the friend's wife dies in a fire, Valentino realizes he's no good to the secretary and lets her be with the friend.  The count leaves back home to Italy and that's all folks.

Valentino always has this way of playing these roles of a self-loathing person.  I guess this is why he was with so many women in his short 31 years of life.  He felt this way but he knew his good looks could keep any woman swooning over him...

If you are into silent films, be warned it has an ending that is completely weird.  I guess everyone is an artist.  Even back then, they wanted to show no happy endings.  Only the realities of what's the right thing to do.

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