Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Meet the older woman with the now xanthous hair
Who once upon a time had hair the color of brown
As soon as she became a teenager, it slowly changed
White hairs were popping up even though it was strange
It was supposed to have been gray, not white
That's usually what happens with brunettes; it turns gray

How did this happen?  She often wondered to herself
Having no clue, she started dyeing her hair black
It was the blackest black you could possibly imagine
For she always liked being a girl with hair darker
But as time passed, more grays started popping up
Making dyeing her hair more impossibly by the minute

She gave up and decided on blonde...And perhaps with blonde
It will blend the grays in much better.
This depressed her so much, she still kept the black hair
Despite the fact it was time to give up
And that was when it dawned on her...

Just like how her hair changed from wavy to curly
Maybe her hair chemistry is changing from brown to blonde
It could be possible as anything is possible
Her family all had blonde hair as children, all except her
And their hair grew blonde by the time they were adults
Anything is possible, she thought to herself

Despite denial, xanthous it shall be...FOREVER!

©Diana Jillian

Monday, April 27, 2015


When the moon is bright
Day turns into the night
When all feels so wrong
You'll know you belong

From deep in your bones
When urging to cast stones
Try not to fall too blind
Remember always be kind

You know who you are
And that'll take you far
Weird is a total blessing
Normal is always missing

Never let them dull your smile
When walking down a mile
They're the ones missing out
When seeing you standing stout

©Diana Jillian