Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Few Pictures

Hey Everyone!!!

I had so much to write about.  But there's been too much confusion going on these days.  I promised myself a blog a week...Which I have been doing....via Facebook notes LOL.  That's not really a blog life, is it?

I was blogging through a blogging group, and well, it kinda got overwhelming with all the tags and ooh, ooh, like this, like that.  And the comments!!!!  OH *rolls eyes* the comments!!!!

I got tired of getting notifications, and frankly, I got tired of people picking out one thing that I wrote that did NOT pertain to my story, and give me a speech on how they could relate to my situation.

Give. Me. A. Break!!!!

Where was I?

Oh, I won't look back.  Time's passes, and so have I.

In other news...I started this 100 happy days thing.  I know, ironic for me because I'm so down all the time.  But it's for people like me who are down all the time.  This will be the ultimate challenge for me.  If you're interested in participating, click here:

I decided to participate via Instagram.  Depending on which blog you're looking at being either blogger or Wordpress, I'll show you what I've posted so far.  I'm onto day 5 now.

Day: 1:  I love crafts.  This is from the Rainbow Loom kit I have.

Day 2:  I'm the one in black.  It was my cousin's birthday (She's the one in the dress)
Day 3:  Beautiful sunset.

Day 4:  Discovering Pandora radio on my Amazon Fire TV. The Red (It's the name of a band) had the best playlist. 

Day 5:  Me at 12 years of age.  Also a Throwback Thursday day. #TBT

If you do happen to stumble upon Instagram, my URL name is Diana's Instagram Page

That's all for now.

Until next time...


Comments are always welcome and my response time is almost instant.  I'm not a robot, I'm just around the computer a lot. LOL

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