Friday, January 16, 2015


Originally written on Tuesday, 1/11/11 by ©Diana Jillian (That's Me!)    :)

Epiphanies can be time consuming
But they can also be great
You come across a thought
And it's become a lifted weight

But have to train your brain
On what to expect
I’ve tried for months
To get some good respect

I needed to live for me
To say, “Let it all go!"
And just live for me
But the process was slow

But I couldn’t do it at first
And I didn’t know why
Nor did I know how
How do you wave goodbye?

Then the switch flipped
The bell went ding!
FINALLY in my head
Was a song I could sing

I watched the game
I played the game
I wrote a bit
I know it sounds lame

But then I called someone dear to me
I sat alone for my thoughts to center
I dug deep into the corners of my mind
Places where I never dare enter

I gathered them like fall leaves
Raked them up in a pile
For me to play and jump in
And lay around for awhile

Now bathing in the sea of happy
I'm living in the world of manifest
But to honestly tell you the truth
Focusing on me is the hardest test

But once I focus, I feel warm inside
The numbness has finally left my side

Only thoughts that make me smile
It surely has been a long while

And all of the negative
Are being pulled out like weeds
As I Look around 
For other sunflowers like me

But as you may know
All flowers of any kind