Sunday, October 5, 2014

The One You Don't Know

...And as the morning madness lies awake
A subtle gesture soon under attack
As though I am drowning in the lake
Drive through my heart the stake
For my heart's already cold and black

Far down to Miami from New York City
More like Sarasota but same difference
Even so, I still find it kind of shifty
More like it's a tragic kind of a pity
You don't see me hidden behind the fence

Time comes and goes; crashes into the shore
And yet, you never once ask me about my day
Instead my heart stops, crumbles to the floor
And you never ask me if there is anything more
Than a day shattered, and thrown far away

...And instead of awakening into the light
It's a shame we no longer stop to say, "Hello."
We stumble and fall; losing our step in flight
In the corner of your eye, never noticed in slight
The girl behind the fence that you didn't know

 Written 10/5/14 by ©Diana Jillian