Saturday, August 25, 2012

Equal Rights? Doesn't Apply To Me

If you think that trying to get an oil change with just 15 minutes before the mom and pop place closes before I decided to write this has influenced my decision, you may be wrong.  Or you could be right.

I was thinking of the many times I have gone in to get my oil changed and I was told I need this and that to be replaced.  All I could think was if I were a man, would this be happening? Probably not.  They would probably say oh well you need this and that, but there's no real hurry to getting it.

Not in my case.

I could almost guarantee you though, if I were a man, they would have stayed the extra minutes past 1 0' Clock to have my oil changed.

All these thoughts were dormant but popped up into my head on my way home.

A perfect example would be in the job force.

They claim Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), but I can beg to differ.

While at this so called "EOE," you have to swear that you are NOT going to discuss pay.  If you do, you are FIRED.  Seriously???

Well, it just so happened that at my SEVEN years of employment with certain company, I was with friends, celebrating my birthday.

Out of the pocket falls a pay stub.  You know what I learned????  That this kid...Yes KID.  Younger than me by NINE years.  And only worked at this place on and off and on an off for the past FOUR years at the time, was making nearly TWO dollars more per hour than me.

Why was he making more money than me???  When I been at that job longer.  I have a kid to take care of and payments to make.  This kid had nothing to pay for but he kept coming back and got re-hired several times with more money each time.

He was not loyal to the job like I was.

Yet he made more money.

He ALWAYS called out sick.

Then it dawned on me...

I thought it was an EOE thing, but when I turned around I noticed other employees who worked less than me, were getting paid MORE than me.

It was more of the beat the dog who's loyal to you kind of thing...

I was too loyal and in return, I got burned.

So while you thought the topic was about equal rights it really wasn't.

It was about loyalty.

Watch out on who you're loyal with.

It will bite you in the end.

Until next time...


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