Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Moon: Part I

I am never one to wish on falling stars.  For one thing, I can not think that fast of what I want to wish for.  So I would always send my wishes to the moon.  The moon, ah yes, the moon is my friend.  Or so I had thought.

I had just finished eating some Ramen when I decided to look outside my window of my apartment complex, to speak to the moon.  Only, I fell silent when my one trusting friend, was no longer there.  Sometimes that does happen, you know.

The shift of the earth can cause the stars and moon to shift out of periphery.  I had decided to go outside to look for the moon when I bumped into someone.

"Pardon me," the voice says.  I was thinking it must be an old man, only he didn't sound old, just the language he spoke sounded old.

Under the streetlight, I got a better glimpse of him.  In fact, the whole street seemed well lit.  This man had a glow about him.

Mesmerized, I couldn't seem to say a word.  It wasn't that he was gorgeous or anything. Okay, maybe he was a tad bit gorgeous.  But there was something about him I couldn't put my finger on.

For some reason, the words:  "My heart is aching for you little lamb. I can help you out. But I cannot help you in," are embedded into my head right now.

All within the moment, I look up to the empty sky and wonder...

Lyrics from song: Little Lamb Dragonfly by Paul McCartney.

Dear readers:

I will try to add more but right now, I have been terribly swamped.  I will get around to comments and such when I can.  Thanks for reading :)

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