Thursday, June 6, 2013


The anxiety is rising. It's driving and thriving.
Taking over all of me.
There is no room
I cannot breathe
Cannot be free
From the gripping terror it has over me
And feeling what I feel with my endless mind
Time has never shown me anything kind
Not when my mind is unclean
Messy and completely unseen
Try as I might
Lost in the flight
I will find common ground
I will find the lost found
And like waves out in the ocean
When tempering winds cause commotion
Eventually there is a calm that arises
Quietly and amazingly full of surprises
I think I can....
I am me once again.

Written by ©Diana Jillian 6/6/13

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life As I Know It

Life As I Know It
Written by ©Diana Jillian 6/2/13

And as I feel the heat of the summer
I sit asunder and I am full of wonder
As to where did all the thunder
Go and why did it fall under?

No lightning to connect
The charge of the effect
I reek of total neglect
And let the pain sublet

Into the far reaches of my brain
For I have fallen completely insane
To find true love without any maim
My dreams have fallen inane

And if that wasn't bad you'd think I'd have had
Common decency to walk away but I must've been bad
In a past life or something where I deserve to be this sad
And before you draw any conclusions no I'm not mad

Well, not quite mad anyway
But I keep my thoughts at bay
And madly write away
How one day there will be a day

I will arise above and be free
But I know it will never happen to me
So a gal like me remains in dream
Forever in a momentous reverie

Call me a schemer or a dreamer
Either way I'm a firm believer
Of the fantasy world never to seether
No longer capable of finding a deceiver

I am me in this world stuck in real
Where numbness kicks in to not feel
Of rotten lemons were given in deal
Feel the stench when I pull the peel

This life wasn't ever suppose to be meant for me
Perhaps in the next life it will be better to see
Of the possibilities I once thought I could be
Forever staring back at the shadows of me