Sunday, May 3, 2015


It's a post I had...I made a few good points here...

The A to Z survivor challenge...Shall I choose to accept...Wait a minute!!!!  I have accepted this if I am writing this, right?  Anywho!!!

I am writing this because of several reasons.

01.)  I am an idiot
02.)  I don't know when to quit
03.)  Despite what I know, I'm still a wishful thinker
04.)  I lied completely when I said I would start writing for me
05.)  I'm only doing this to fish for comments
06.)  And when no one responds, I cry about it
07.)  I'm in fetal position right now
08.)  Still sulking it out
09.)  Taking a deep breath
10.)  Continue on
11.)  Repeat steps 1-10 and never EVER learn my lesson.

Okay, so I'm writing a review on this past month's A to Z Blogging Challenge.

I've survived...even though I don't know how.  Last year was a bit overwhelming at first, but I was able to accomplish my A-Z challenge.  My blog title was under the Random Ramblings of an Artist, which you can find somewhere on WordPress.  Don't ask me for my URL name because I've changed it so many times since then.

Alright.  Last year was not so easy.  I was under tremendous pressure.  I was about to undergo eye surgery.  The doctor said I had Basil Cell Carcinoma on my left eyelid.  I think it was a lie, but you know how doctors are.  They want money, and they also want to cover their arses.

Last year I was so depressed, I had to watch teeny bopper shows to keep my mind off all this negative crap going on in my life.  I had friends that ditched me in my time of need.  It's always about them and never about me or their kids.  Eh, un-evolved souls that never learned the meaning of balance, I suppose.

But that's just it again...making excuses for parasites that aren't even in my life anymore.


Alright....The A to Z challenge of 2015...RIGHT!

There is really nothing to change about the blogging thing.  Really.  Although in the beginning, I got confused as to what they wanted as far as titling your blog.  Like your blog name, followed by a (WR) next to it.  I think it would be easier for others to do so if let's say they see it in a screen shot, perhaps???


Alright...It's the next day now...Yes, I am a dork.  I make Spongebob references.  I make Whovian references, and I definitely make Supernatural references.  Don't judge.

But truth be told, the A to Z challenge is not up to the creators to make the change...It is up to us writers to make that change.  We know this happens once a year, and we should be better prepared for it.  And by "we", I mean "me".  I should be better prepared for it.  And hopefully I will have the time to do so now.

I have eleven months to get the next challenge going.  I was only in a rush this  year because I tackled on a job on top of my already hectic schedule.  When you're a writer, it's pretty much a full-time job, but I don't need to tell you that.  You already know this.

Well, try writing, and taking care of pets, cleaning the house, balancing the bills, taking care of two sick people, and then adding on a part-time job on top of it all!!!!  I get a few hours to myself total...and sometimes weekends.  But even those weekends have to be divided to driving 200 miles to see my grandma who loves to see me.

But I'll get there...I'll get there.  I have all these books on time management that I will get around to reading eventually.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  There is a serious party constantly going on in my head.  It's very hard for me to focus on one thing at a time.  Maybe I need to get checked for adult ADD or something???

Well, this is my challenge post.  Sorry it's not much.