Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Never Go To College Unless You Can Afford It

You know.  Normally I don't post such crummy things like this.  But something needs to be said.

All I had wanted for 13 years after high school was to go to college.  That's all I wanted.  Nothing more.

Well my financial aid ran out because I used up all 6 years of full terms....Though I don't know how I used up 6 full years considering every time I tried to go back to school I failed miserably.  I always had something to do.

Work would give me an opportunity to make money.  My son would get sick and I would have to take him to the doctor.  I would oversleep because I barely ever get any sleep.  Then I would be late to class.  There was always something that was getting in my way of getting that education that's supposed to be "so important" to have.

Well guess what?  The only thing that you have to deal with when you're a person like me is student loans...

Yup....Those stupid student loans.

I miscalculated my future planning.  I thought for sure that the moment I graduate, Casey would be 18 and I'd be free to get a job.  A full-time job I may add.

What stops me from getting a full-time job now?  His medical benefits.  I would lose it and then have to find a way to pay 10,000 a month in medical bills all just to keep my kid from getting sick and possibly dying.

I haven't had a job in 3 years.  Have I tried to look for a job?  Yes.  I have.  In fact, while I spent my 9 miserable years working for a company that treated me like crap, I was looking for better work then.

I couldn't find it no matter how hard I tried.  You need a degree...You need a degree...You need a degree.  So I get one and boom. Now I'm over-qualified.  I have an ASSOCIATES degree and I'm over-qualified.  That's just their way of saying that they're too cheap to pay me what I deserve to be paid.

Which is why minimum wage keeps going up.  Good job America!!!

If you don't have the money, don't go to college.  You're smart enough.

Never get a student loan because they will confuse the snot out of you.  I got student loans specifically for classes.  Now I'm finding out that I owe on personal student loans.  I made a payment...A small one.  I want to pay off the ones with the higher interest first and be able to move on from there.

I can do this...I know I can.  I just have to focus on one thing at a time and I will get to where I need to be.

But please just because I catch a break doesn't mean most won't.

I can't find a job right now because of Andy and his illness.  I will figure all this out in good timing.

I know in the end...With the proper shielding and guidance....Everything will work out well.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

You Can't Fool Me

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” 
Winston Churchill has said it best
And as I type here I wonder about those lame telemarketers
Who lack a soul; who have no zest

I am an earth sign.  Virgo is my zodiac.
Other elements tend to restrain me but I remain
Grounded to my roots I remain calm to a point
When I attack, you’ll see who’s won this game

One push too far I will not hide my sweet side
I will show you my fangs and just how hard I bite
You will wonder what it was you did that was so wrong
I will point out all your flaws with all of my might

If you still fail to see, I will then calm my earth self down
No longer causing those quakes that made you quiver
Forgiveness is what I know best of all things
But I walk away forever and will leave you in shiver

Do not mess with earth people as they know it best
They try to stay as calm as they possibly can be
Tread lightly as they say on mother earth
Elements be warned, you can’t fool me

You can’t fool any earth.

5/5/13 Written by ©Diana Jillian

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