Thursday, May 2, 2013

No Warning

It all came without warning
As I woke up to this groggy morning

And I ask you where is the sun?
On this dreary day that's gone for a run

And left behind gray clouds to play
Dripping their menacing tears today

Rain, rain, rain in the sunshine state
On days like these, I never want to awake

And for now, I must wait
For I know that the place of fate

And it will end when it says when
That's my queue to count to ten

After the rain, snowbirds arrive
Crushing and bruising, yet one must survive

Written by ©Diana Jillian Thursday, 5/2/13


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leaving The Past

Leaving the Past  
Written by ©Diana Jillian 4/30/13, Tuesday

Who knows where it truly goes?
How you know where the river really flows?
All I know is I’m slowly learning to letting go

And as I slowly learn
It’s what I truly yearn
For the past to keep present

And I know it’s very, very wrong
And I keep singing the same damn song
I know what truly needs to be done

And it’s hard to let it all go
But when you finally do let go
The truer you emerges free

And who knows where this new journey leads us?
Destinations far and wide by plane, car, truck or bus
Maybe by train or just plainly walking, heading to the unknown

And it’s scary at first and instead of moving you retract
Looking over your shoulder, reliving the pain, you reenact
And it’s that step, that last step that never moves forward

You’ve found your position known in the comfort zone
Not realizing it leaves you paralyzed and all alone
So you try with all your might to break yourself free

And the past comes back the more you try
And the past brings pain the more you die
You must once more ignore the past

Trying to find a way to break yourself free

But on that road you wind up going back
To give it one more try; you make an attack
But the fish are not taking the bait this time

And you still keep on trying
While inside you’re dying
Trying to find a way out

Your final last attack
While looking back
Is your own reflection\

Telling you to go
Because you already know
How to move yourself forward

You were just too afraid to move

Leave the past behind
You must learn to be kind
To yourself

In the long run
When it’s all done
The past is just the past

A forgotten memory

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