Thursday, July 19, 2012


Bare with me as I do not understand this format...It drives me nuts...
Here is a picture I made to go with the poem I wrote...

And here's the poem:
Live like it's the end 
And enjoy the last 
Make a point to mourn 
Even if they haven't passed
Cherish every breath you breathe 
Every being healed with ease
For poor fragile heart 
Easily becomes torn apart
We all have our mission 
What waits around the bend 
It's a complete beyond mystery 
A thrilling ride to the end

7/18/12 Written by ©Diana Jillian

Earlier this morning I was asked a question. I was asked if what I think of all of this?
All of this meaning the situation with Andy....
I'm sitting and riding a stationary bike when I told him I honestly don't know. I used to watch my mom ache with every pain or something or another...
As most of you might already know...I basically raised myself and then while I was trying to raise myself, I had a little brother to take care of...Sorry bro.
Anyway, the poem even though written last night, does coincide with today's dilemma. I'm a little frustrated because the sugar's under control but his blood pressure is now a new issue. I don't understand it.
He barely eats these days and he's been walking more.
So this morning I answered him honestly. From what I witnessed growing up, I've decided that any pain I might feel, any kind of sharp pain that endures, I walk it off. I know I'll be better. And if if persists for longer than a day, then I will go and see the doctor. With me, it doesn't last long.
If there is a sharp pain inside my body near the lungs area...I breathe it out. I can't explain it any more than that. The pain eventually subsides and I am good. Most pain that I feel is usually anxiety and yes I get them even when I am not on anything with caffeine....I could go months without it and still get anxiety.
But I learn to control it. While I believe most things can be controlled with your mind, for those you can't control with your mind, there's medication for it.
I believe it takes a lot of wiring and re-training your brain to get you to think and feel on a positive and healthy level.
Okay, losing focus now...Gotta run
Written by ©Diana Jillian  7/19/12

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