Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hey Everyone!!!!

The joke's on me...But not really.  Huh!  I think I actually wrote a poem like that.  Um, no.  Not the "not really" part.  But yeah, the joke's on me.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel like the joke is on you?  Where people say things like, "Oh, let's hang out."  And you make arrangements to hang, and then they just leave you high and dry????

Or when they say, "Call me," or my favorite, "Text me."  Only for them to either never answer???

I have Plankton from Spongebob ringing through my head.  It was the episode where he was jealous of Krabs' life, and decided to switch places.
Cartoon, Strange Situation

In the end, he realized he was better off as himself and also made the decision that Krabs' life is very traumatizing.  I guess it's more of an epiphany moment...I guess.

You may think the joke is on  you, but the truth is the joke is on them.

Maybe they're embarrassed of the lifestyle they have chosen to live, and don't want you to see the life they posted on Facebook or Instagram isn't real.

Maybe their intentions are there and good, and they're tied down to something they don't want you to see.

The joke is on them because they're missing out on an opportunity to interact with others person that is, and not on the internet.


The joke is on me?
Lost in reality
A generation lost

When you can actually see
Your mind will be set free
Sorry is when it's all gone

And you'll see you were wrong
When you find you don't belong
In a lonely society built for thee

The joke is on me
When in reality
The joke is on you

©Diana Jillian


Cartoon, Strange Situation


The joke is on me
Crowded in a dream-like sleep
Generation lost

©Diana Jillian

Friday, April 10, 2015



Invisible is not to be confused with invincible
Never to be confused with Immortal, or Immoral
Very few are seen clearly when invisible
It's almost as if they're purposely ignoring you
So it possibly is, but why do you think so?
Is there something that shines about you?
Beyond all your years here on this earth?
Let it be known you cannot feel inferior
Even if jealous eyes wish it upon you

©Diana Jillian



Jealous eyes behold
Invisible to the touch
Only in their dreams

©Diana Jillian

Thursday, April 9, 2015



I feel so heavy
Worrying all of the time
I need to let go

©Diana Jillian


My head feels heavy
The pressure is on me
Took it off the shelf
Put it all on myself

What I yearn
I need to learn
What to feel
How to deal

Mirrored frown
Upon my down

Pushing through a must
To sanity or to bust
And when you think nice
You better think twice

Stuck in the rattled cage
Rising up on the rage
The calm after the storm
Fighting ways to keep warm

What it seems
What it dreams

©Diana Jillian

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Going & Gone


Gone and Going
Leaves me unknowing
In the distant silent wind

Silent screams flowing
The water left blowing
In the corner of my mine

Going, gone, and
Digging in the sand
As time passes by

And one day I'll rise
Reach up to the skies
But not today

Tomorrow, maybe

©Diana Jillian 



Giving into unnecessary negative vibes
Onto a day that was supposed to be sunny
Into the gray and colorless day
Never knowing what tomorrow brings
Gone as the day rolls into night

Great things are supposed to happen
On looking is the negative vibe
I try my best to ignore it all
Not realizing how much it creeps up
Going and faded as the day is done

Great!  For now I've lost my sane mind
Or at least I thought it was sane
Never look back into the negative
Euphoria is gone; now back to dysphoria

©Diana Jillian 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015



Fragile heart
As the day turns long
Becomes heart of stone
Still easy to break
But a sharper surface
Maybe one day
The heart can turn steel
And succumb to numb
©Diana Jillian

Fragile heart of love
To wish for a heart of stone
Would be called cheating
©Diana Jillian



Fragile heart of mine
Running through time
And seek through energy
Giving me an eternity
In time and in space
Living in my place
Ever lasting in my head

Healing is my nature
Every time I hurt
As always, I grieve
Relive the event in my head
Then I learn to get over it

©Diana Jillian

Monday, April 6, 2015



Is not in my nature
It's not my passion
As I like to leave behind
A piece of mystery
To entice
To make you wonder
And sometimes wander
Off in thought

Elaboration is key
But it leaves no mystery
For an audience

It may as well be 
A picture painted
Or taken
Or drawn

But writing is funny that way
It's a painting of words
But even painters
Leave an air of mystery
Everything is not as it seems

Well, not always

©Diana Jillian



Is not what it seems
It's not what it dreams
I don't even know myself
Not anymore
But I used to
Black and white now gray
Because of everything
It's not what it seems to be

Everything is there
But it gets you nowhere
If you allow it

Everything is everywhere 
Everything isn't nothing
It's something
Look around

Life is funny that way

When you think it's nothing
It suddenly turns into something
Everything is something
Is not as it seems

Well, not always

©Diana Jillian

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