Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mandy and Co-Workers

Mandy's Dilemma Series:  9

Mandy got herself a job nearly a year ago after being gone for over four years in the working field.

At first, she dreaded working at her job.  Now, not so much.  In fact, she looks forward to it if only it means for her to get out of the house.  The money isn't the issue though it is nice to have a little extra play money to buy gifts and such.

She was struggling for years because she had to homeschool her kid and then her husband became deathly ill to the point where he could hardly see enough to drive.

Last month, Mandy took on the hours that no one wanted.  She was working 20-30+ hours a week.  Suddenly the month of November came up and the co-worker that couldn't work Wednesdays had suddenly started saying she needed Mondays off.

Mandy can only cover every other Monday shift considering she's working in the child care area every other Monday.  But what Mandy noticed was the days she told her boss she could fill in on those Mondays after 6:30, her co-worker is now working them.  This was the same co-worker that said she needed Mondays off.

Unfortunately for Mandy, she just has to brush it off and pray when she finds her next job, she won't have to be stuck with such a two-faced, wishy-washy person.  This co-worker already has a full-time job.  Why can't this co-worker just find something else and let the real people who need the hours have them?

Mandy is definitely conflicted about it but as always, she takes the higher road and says nothing.  She figures karma will get this co-worker in the end...Hopefully.

Mandy, Dilemma 9

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mandy and Old Friends

Mandy's Dilemma

Mandy was cleaning out her email account.  She had old receipts saved in one folder and decided to make room for other things.

She doesn't just save receipts.  She saves pictures, writings, as well as various emails from her friends.

Mandy stumbled upon old emails from a friend she was dear to at one point in her life.  She stopped being friends with said person because that friend would often berate her for a post written behind closed curtains.

Mandy was having issues with her husband's health and the last thing she needed was someone telling her off via email.

When Mandy looked back at their old conversations, she realized the person wasn't so bad.  That person was probably just as stressed out as Mandy was back then.

Mandy thinks about giving the friendship another chance, but given the many times she's been burned by old friends...including family, maybe it's time to leave the past behind.


Mandy, Dilemma 8

Monday, November 2, 2015

These Dreams

Blogophilia Week 37.8 Topic:  Dreams of Long Ago

"Ever since I was four years old, I loved making people smile, making them think, making them feel good, feel some kind of emotion."


"The critics had an image of me, and they wouldn't accept any other...I was a cartoon character. A joke."


As she was doing some research, Mandy realized she just might have a few things in common with Ann-Margret.

She always had a way of making people smile.  People thought Mandy was a smart and pretty little girl.  But that's the only image they have of her.  Nothing more.  She was not able to grow.  She became a joke over the year....She still is.  These dreams...

Dreams of long ago.  Mandy once dreamed she'd be someone.  She can't even get noticed, so how the heck can she be someone?

Mandy was giving up on Facebook.  She was giving up on something.

No one cared about what she posted.  They only care to tag her in their posts.  No one cared what Mandy ever had to say, but she was expected to care about what everyone else has to say.

OK...she gets it.

Last Sunday, Mandy signed off on FB.  Not that anyone noticed.  And she only went back on earlier that day because her husband posted a video he wanted her to see.

Mandy feels she doesn't belong here.  She feels she belongs somewhere beyond time and space.


Mandy, Dilemma 7