Sunday, January 25, 2015


This was a piece from a group I was writing with...

Today's date is 10/28/15, but I'm leaving this at it's original date.  I've decided to no longer write with them.  I need to venture out on my own now.

Blogophilia week 49.7 topic: "Dazed and Confused"
Bonus Points:  
(Hard, 2 pts)  Incorporate an a quote from Aristotle
(Easy, 1 pt)  Include a college sporting event

While I was looking up Aristotle quotes, I stumbled upon a blunder....How do I know this?  Because I like to do my research before going any further.  I don't need someone to point out to me how stupid I am or how I am wrong.  I can be stupid all by my lonesome, thank you very much!  ^_^

This is from the Bitmoji app

So here it was, I had been searching for Aristotle quotes, when I stumbled upon this:
Found here:

I was thinking...This is so very perfect, because I know people who can't take criticism.  And I was going to go on and on about how I welcome constructive criticism.  I think as a writer, it helps me to become a better person writing wise.  This is why I like writing prose, poetry and creating art...There really isn't a wrong way to create that.  But writing essays or novels are completely different.

Even thinking outside the box is shamed upon.

Er!  Right!!!  I got off topic....So the picture quote I found...I did some research on it and got a little dazed...and confused.  This turned out to not have been a quote from Aristotle, but a quote from an American writer by the name of Elbert Hubbard....

So then, I created this pic and quote:

OK, so it isn't Aristotle, but I really like this quote.  I was so disappointed, like getting tickets to a hockey game, only to find out when you arrive it's been cancelled and they're going to play college football instead.

Alright!!!  Alright!!!  I went and found a great Aristotle quote...And yes...I did fact check, and it is indeed one of his quotes.  Several sites backed it up.  But I'll only citate one site.  I x'd out of all my tabs and am too lazy to go back to look.
Clouds Pic by Diana Jillian
Source quote from:

Anyway...I wonder what he could have meant by:  Hope is a waking dream.  According to Yahoo Answers, there are two different contradictions as to the meaning.  But whatever he meant by it, I hope he meant good things.

For me, I hope he meant that you can have hopes not only in dreams, but while awake as well.

I have dreams...I dream big time.  I wish to one day be able to buy the house my grandma sold on Long Island.  As a child, I moved around a lot, and my grandma's house was the only thing that was constant.  I loved the little town she lived in.  I loved walking around that town, and I loved going to the library there.  I swear I could hide out there for hours.  And even though my grandma sold it nine years ago, I still have an inkling of hope that one day I can go back.

Who knows?  Maybe the previous owners will be hoarders and if I'm lucky, I might find my teddy bear collection after all.  *sigh*  It sure is a pipe dream, but it's my pipe dream.  In reality, I know my grandma's obnoxious boyfriend at the time, flooded the basement, causing everything to ruin.

Alright, so I didn't have any Paddington bears, but I just had some that stuck by me during my childhood.  Though I do have a few Pooh Bears only because they were my son's but now that he's 18 he's "outgrown" them.  I still have my Care Bear from childhood.  I have no idea how I still have that one but not the rest.

Well, dreaming is fun, but I have to go...

Oh, and here's the original pic I created...

Red Sunflower by Diana Jillian

I call it a red sunflower...What do you think?