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The List:  Chapter 5

I look up at the ceiling of the gym room, and see the spider web that has grabbed my attention.  I wonder how long the spider has to wait until food becomes entrapped by the web.  I can't believe I survived a whole day of school--well, almost.

I met Cristi at lunch, just as she said she would meet me, but something was different about her when I saw her in the cafeteria.  She looked hungry, even though she was barely picking at her meal during lunchtime.  When the bell rang, I could tell she looked a bit happy.  It was almost as if it was her first time in the cafeteria in my own observation.  But still, when the bell rang, she looked happy and asked if she could join me for tryouts.

I told her she could, but that was five minutes ago.  I'm guessing whatever was ailing Cristi, is probably ailing her now.  Sometimes a viral bug takes days to go away--I mean--if she has a viral bug.

"Okay," I turn my head to look at the girl speaking.  I suddenly remember I'm at the gym, trying out for the impossible, but it is on my list.  "Next up, Kallie."

I take a deep breath and try to remember the routine I've been working on all summer.  It was a very long summer.  I wonder how the spider does it while resting comfortably in their web.  They don't think; they simply act on instinct.  I am ready to do this.

"Hey everyone," Ame, the head cheerleader speaks.  "Can we take five?"  She looks at me and pulls me to the side.

"Kalura," she says to me.  "What are you doing here?"

"Well, Amethyst," I answer.  "I wanted to try out for cheerleading."

"Are you sure this is wise?"

"I think I know what I'm doing."

"Had I known Kallie was short for Kalura, I would have stopped you."

"Please don't do this, Ame," I beg.

Amethyst happens to be my cousin.  Everyone around here calls her Ame for short.  With a name like hers and a name like mine, it's not hard to tell we're related, but that's about it.

Amethyst got her name because when she was born, her eyes were of an amethyst color.  Usually babies have blue eyes that eventually turn color, but not Ame.  Her eyes have been this blue amethyst color since birth.

Her hair is pin straight, and hangs down to her waistline, and the color of her hair is such a dark brown, it's almost black.  If it weren't for her eye color, you could swear she was of Korean descent.  I would love to have her eyes.  My eyes are a very light blue, almost translucent if it weren't for the dark blue rings that outlines the irises of my eyes.  I look at my cousin, still pleading.

"Why do you want to do this?"  She asks me.

"Because," I begin to say.  I decide to not say anymore.

"Not because of that stupid list," she exclaims.  "Tell me it's not because of that list!"

Amethyst, though we are the same age, feels she needs to be protective of me.  We have kind of grown up together like sisters, but things changed between us when I started being homeschooled.  It was like we both wanted different things out of life; I wanted to live my life, while she wanted to shelter me from it.

We stopped hanging out in public, and she would only show up to my house alone.  I stopped hanging around her friends as well.  It's been so long, I don't think any of them would recognize me anyway.  What ever they knew of me then, they don't know me now.  I don't even believe anyone knows we're related, even if we do share the same last name.  Her father is my dad's older brother.  Perhaps that's why she feels protective over me.  I'll never truly know the answer to that, I suppose.

"And what if it is because of the list?" I find myself rhetorically asking.  "It's not like I'll cause any kind of collateral damage to you.  I can always be a fill in just in case someone can't make it to a meet."

I can tell by her face that she wants to tell me no.  I'll have to soften it up a bit.

"Please, Ame.  Please," I beg.  "Can't you just humor me for once and let me fulfill what's on my list."

I can tell she's contemplating.  She suddenly has a playful look in her face.  "Can I see your list?"

"Only if you promise not to judge," I begin.  "Perhaps I can show you after school.  You can come home with me."

She smiles.  "Alright," she finally agrees.  "I'll let my parents know and," she takes a pause and inhales.  "Oh, maybe we can have a sleepover."

"I'm sure Nora won't mind," I say.

"Oh is Uncle Kaleb and Aunt Laura not home?"

"Nope.  It's just Nora and I."  And the bodyguards my parents hired because they feel bad for not being around for almost a year now.  I keep the last statements to myself.

"So, have you met anyone today?"

"A nice girl," I reply.  "She was supposed to meet me for tryouts, but she was looking sick earlier in the cafeteria.  Her name is Cristi."

"Cristi Turner?"  She asks.  "Her twin brother is Xander Turner.  He's the star hitter of the baseball team here."

It seems as though this Xander guy is everywhere.  Maybe I shouldn't bother with tryouts.

"Well, let's see what you got," Ame says to me.  I guess I have to go through with it as I have just practically begged her to let me try out.  "Hey guys," she calls out to her teammates.  "Break time is over!  Let's see what Kallie can do."

I can hear them cheering in back of me.  I feel a little nervous, but I inhale, and give Ame the song on my MP3 player I want to play.  She plays the track, and I'm ready to do my cheer.

The song ends as my routine is done.  Ame pauses the MP3 player, and everyone is silent.  Well, I think to myself.  At least I tried my best.

"Oh my gosh!"  One of the girls in back of me says as she walks up to me.  "You're like a national treasure.  Where have you been hiding?"  I look around an all the girls agree.

"She's been gone for awhile," Ame says before I can say anything about homeschooling.  "I didn't want to say anything because I wanted her to get on the team by her own merit.  You guys!  This is my cousin, Kalura!"

They were all excited and asking me all kinds of questions.  I didn't even know where to begin on answering.  Everything started to feel jumbled.

"Congratulations," Ame speaks over everyone.  They all silence down to listen to what she has to say.  "Kallie," she looks at me.  "Welcome to the team!"

We practice some routines for about an hour, and then we all head home.

Amethyst goes to get in the car, but panics a bit when she sees Smith, my bodyguard.

"Oh no!" I roll my eyes and walk over to him.  "I thought we agreed you were to hide in plain site."

"I'm sorry Miss Kalura," Smith begins.  "But I have orders."

"Well, this is my cousin, Ame, and she's coming home with me."  Smith opens the door and I enter the car.  "Come on, Ame.  I'll explain to you everything."

On the ride home, Amethyst heard every word on how my parents have been gone trying to save the world of cancer, and how I inherited a bodyguard.

A night with my cousin and Nora should be interesting.