Saturday, November 28, 2015


40.8 Giving Thanks Means...

2pts:  Writer's Choice
Use the word empyreal in a sentence.

Empyreal:  Pronounced:  Em-PIR-ee-uhl
1. Pertaining to the sky; celestial; empyreal blue
2. Pertaining to the highest heaven in the cosmology of the ancients

1pt:    Writer's Choice
Include a quote from Audioslave

"I am the highway."



Giving thanks means to me
Remembering to always be
Every time; not just one day
In ways to set your mind free

Trapped inside a nightmare
Balancing on sweet dreams
Changing of the turning tides
Is what giving thanks means
©Diana Jillian 11/25/15

Sorry for this.  I was going to wrap up the chapter story here but I am running out of time.  Rather than having to feel pressured....I'll just do this and hopefully I can get the story finished next week...

I will always do what is right,
Rather than what's in my heart.
What's right turns to my heart
And it tears my thoughts apart

I watch as empyreal mourns
Over all that which I am torn
Cause I'm much like a library
Memories of the past reborn

My path has already crossed
Solemn vow voids sacred day
And it is too late to reconsider
Even if I am the only highway

My feelings cannot be truthful
I'll never choose to reciprocate
Afraid of karma looking about
I have sealed my only true fate

This chance cannot mean to be
Love was never meant for me

©Diana Jillian 11/28/15

Sorry, but I have no guesses this week.  I can't believe it's Saturday.  I wanted to write another chapter but  was busy with work...