Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I will try to post more positive things in here.  Most of my pictures will come from Pinterest and so I will not know the original source sometimes.

No copyright theft intended.  Just want to share some inspirational pieces.

I hope you have a great day!!!  :)



Convenience Vs. Unconditional

Someone said to me the other day.  
They were upset with me because I was joking around with them.
But I didn't act like I was joking.  
They grew defensive and started in on me.  
Telling me that friends are supposed to be forgiving.
And friendship is supposed to be unconditional.  
Yet, they were ready to end a friendship with me.

Then they kept on telling me how I shouldn't be friends with certain people.
Because they were like poison to me.  
But what was the difference between me having to be unconditional toward them,
And not towards the others?

I gave it some thought.
And then stated my opinions.
I simply stated that our friendship was not unconditional. 
It was more convenient.  
I'm convenient for when that person needs a shoulder to cry on.  
I'm convenient for that person when they need advice on something.  
I'm convenient when they're all alone in their home to hang out with.

What about when I need someone?  
Is that reciprocated upon me?  
What about when I want to hang out elsewhere than a home?  
Is that what happens?  

It just seems that everything is convenient for everyone when it comes to contacting me.  
That's all fine and dandy.  
I will find my own.

I shall find my own group like me.  
Those more like me.

Tuesday 9/27/2011 ©DJ

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Against Odds

A day gone wrong
I remained strong
Against all odds

I wanted to cry
To just fly
Out of my mind

But I remained firm in my shell

Not the best
I was put to test
The day after also

But I proved wrong
And remained strong
Against all odds

I’m not who I once was

After all the sadness
Cluttered madness

I need a break from it all

Won’t you take a break with me?
Follow me down to the sea
The sea of hope and love

Written by ©Diana Jillian