Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting Caught Up

Hey Everyone!!!!

So today, I decided to do the blogging challenges again.  I figure I better keep up with my quota for continuing at least once a week in the blogging department.  So far, I seem to do well as far as blogging.  If you trace back to my blogs, you will see that I'm getting better at posting more and more.  And who says I never finish what I start.

Well, today one of my blog challenges was to mention a Japanese proverb.  I found one on this website, and then I played around in Photoshop.  Ultimately, I wound up creating this:

And it took me a while to make, but as you can see, I made sure to citate where I got the quote from.  I usually do the same with pictures I find.  The only time I don't is when I find it on Pinterest and there is no one to give the credit to.  Like there was this artwork of Brandon and Bruce Lee, but no one gave any credit as to who the artist was that created such a wonderful drawing.  I find it shameful when artists go unnoticed.

Anyway...Kishi Kaisei...I like it.  This was a proverb that just spoke to me in so many ways.

In the beginning of December, I was accused of something that I may or may not have said about someone.  The point is when I speak about someone, I never mention gender or names.  Yet this person chose to fight with me because they were miserable.

Whenever I have dealt with bullies in the past, I would just confront them head on.  If that didn't work, I would just walk away from it.  I would apologize even if I wasn't wrong in the situation.

I even apologized to this person, but still that wasn't good enough for them.  I was accused of declining my statement to "save face".  But the statement is still there.  I haven't revoked it...I just didn't think my profile was being stalked a whole week before.

So, December was bad.  I dealt with bullies; my father in law died on Christmas day.  Not to mention December is all around a stressful month as is.  So many holidays and gifts...And the pressure is on.  And when you deal with bullies and death....The combination isn't great.  And it was worse because on Christmas Eve day, I woke up with a really bad sinus cold.

So January is literally a new beginning for me.  I feel like it's taken some time...And today I've died...And just like the proverb, I came back to life.

I don't know why or how these things happen.  They just do.  That's my life in a nutshell.

So I should be around more to blog.  Hopefully, I'll be posting more poetry.  I'm still working on other projects that I hope (Fingers crossed) to be done soon....


(Random) (Blog) (Picture) (Definition) (Language) (Japanese)
This was a random post from way back when...Back in January..

It's a blog...With pictures...

Can anyone tell me what the words in the picture mean?  I would like to look it up. 
I was really hesitant on writing another blog...That's why I'm writing on this profile and not my other blog or in my notes....Which never allow me to post videos...So what's the fun in that?

I really wish Blogophilia would move to Blogger....Or WordPress.  It would be so much easier for me considering certain people I'm close to don't like to read what I write.  They only like to criticize the posts I make on FB a week later.  Which means they're stalking me.  I don't even know anymore.

I just feel like every time I smile, someone has to smack that smile off my face, and I don't get why.

So, you can imagine that when I stumbled upon the following Japanese proverb, I felt I could relate completely.

Every time, a little bit of me dies, and somehow, I'm still alive.  And every time I die, a new part of me comes back to life.

Kishi Kaisei--Wake from death and return to life.

The only difference with this saying is this usually doesn't happen to me in one sudden burst.  It just happens out of nowhere...I am brought back.

Which some days, it's a shame because I enjoy my fake fantasy world, collecting moonbeams in a jar.
(I thought that little teddy bear was cute)  :)

Have you ever heard Here Comes The Sun played on the mandolin?

I think this blog topic played well with what's on my mind this week, though the Beatles were the last thing on my mind.  The music in my heart weighs heavy this week.

But if you do need a laugh, might I recommend the following clip from the episode Weekend at Bobby's from the show Supernatural.

When the word Shinto popped up, I immediately thought of this episode.  They had an Okami demon, and needed to kill her with a weapon that was blessed by a Shinto priest seven times....Of course, I couldn't find the exact part of the episode I wanted, but all in all, this was still a good episode.