Saturday, April 25, 2015



Hey Everyone!

Now every time I use the word "very" I often think of muchiness!!!  "You've lost your much, Alice.  You used to be much muchier."  LOL.  Very funny stuff....or is that silly stuff?


That's a good word to use on V day.

I've moved around so much when I lived in NY that, by the time I moved to FL, I was growing uncomfortable by the minute.  I've been in the same house now for about 14 years or so....I'm starting to now treat it like it's my home....I just need to organize better.

I once was a vagabond who roamed from home to home
I did not have a real place to where I truly felt I belonged

Silence fell all around me as I felt so alone and soulless
But I knew that one day, I would find my place to call


After many years of my youth, feeling like something was
So very wrong, and so very out of place, I finally feel like

I can finally call a place I've lived in, one I have memories of
One where I can do whatever I like to rearrange and just feel


I am finally home!

©Diana Jillian

Thursday, April 23, 2015




Time is ticking away as we all run
Become a slave to society; to the clock
Do we ever stop to make time for us?
When birds fly, we go with the flock

And if we lived on a planet with more time
They would say we need to work some more
Because our lives are never about any fun
But it should be able to open up the right door

Sadly, we're classified the moment we're born
Why do we have to suffer and choose to endure?
When we were all born to be free from the flock
And go down a path we really want; one that's sure

But here we are as time ticks itself away
We all run to the clock like sounds of a gun
We need to stop every now and then because
We need to remember a time when we had fun

©Diana Jillian

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This is an update...Whatever it was before, is no more...

Sources of the unknown, trying to find its way back
And give you all of the details you might have forgotten
Varies with different types, depending on its age
Ends with frustration and crying out, "Where did I put it!"
Done with finding; searching for the original piece

©Diana Jillian



Serene serendipity has landed me nowhere
And everywhere I have ever wanted to be
Yet you would think I would be satisfied

But sometimes life isn't about being happy
It's about appreciate what you're given
And that is the supposed key to being happy?

What would keep me honestly satisfied is knowing
Is to have someone explain to me how this works
How is it getting what you don't have supposed to suffice?

I thought the object was to go for what you're after
And get the exact things you were looking for
Not to settle and accept less and it is what it is

How is that in any way supposed to keep me satisfied?

©Diana Jillian

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Rushing to rest and all for nothing
Working for little pay is wrong
Yet it's something we all do
We can never get our feet back on ground
Every up situation gets turned around

There is no rest for the wicked

Going home to do some more work
Cooking, cleaning, care-giving, never stops
It never ends, yet goes unnoticed, unappreciated
When you start looking for a sign
You start running out of time

No rest for the wicked

©Diana Jillian