Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a...LIFE!!!

A little rant here and there and then I guess I am done.

I was going to write some poetry so be aware if this post suddenly disappears with something actually poetic rather than my ranting on and on....

I have failed...

As a parent...

As a wife...

As a daughter....

As a sister....

As a human being....

What happened to my life?

That's beyond me.

I'm so far lost...I....am....gone!

I don't recall asking for this life.

I don't recall asking for a dying husband.

He's only 46 and I 35.

I don't recall asking for a child that doesn't listen

A child that will NOT get his education

And risk me going to jail.

I don't recall asking for a child to be so completely different from me.

I don't recall asking for a child the replica of my mother

I don't recall wanting to stay grounded

And never leave

I don't recall asking for the daily tears.

I definitely don't recall having to suffer for wanting to go to school

To get an education

To have a better job that I DON'T have

I don't recall asking for shitty friends

And worse shitty family

What's up with that???

I just don't recall asking for all this bad

What I do recall...

Is asking for good things

Like a good job

And coming into money

And being good at what I do best

And being thin...Definitely the thin part.

So why am I writing this?

Because writing is my only outlet...

Even if no one else listen (Which they don't, BTW)

I know my paper will never fail......

It has no choice but to listen

And feel my pain

When I pour my ink out

Letting the paper stain....

That rhymed though I didn't intend for that.

I'm done now...


Written by ©Diana Jillian 5/21/13

Poem, Prose, No Rhyme,