Monday, March 7, 2016


Blogophilia 3.9:  Selling Your Soul

2PTS:  Quote Shel Silverstein

1PT:   Include the term, "Rising Star."



I think I'm going to pick up from this piece.  It only seems right click here to read if you're interested...DJ

The Tale of Kalura Wise


"A Mets fan?  Here in Florida?"  The boy says to me, still holding onto my hat.

"My grandma is a native New Yorker," I say.  "Which is probably why I like watching hockey as well."

"A hockey fan," he questions, raising his eyebrow at me.  He gives me one of those smiles; the kind where I could see a future with him, and those brown eyes of his.  I could get lost in them forever.

What am I doing? I think to myself.  You have no time for this.  I give myself a mental shake, and take my Mets hat from him.

"I'm a Lightning fan," I find myself say before I walk away.

"Can I at least get your name?"

I stop and turn to see him.  "Kalura," I say.

"Xander," he says.

"Nice to meet you," I curtsy.  I turn to finish my jog. I roll my eyes at myself.  Who in the world curtsies anymore?

You are selling your soul to the devil, Kalura, I think to myself.  If you think for one moment, you have a chance at that kind of happiness.

It's true though.  I am constantly at war with myself.  My head and heart want two different things.  No one knows me.  Or I should say, no one remembers me because I've been out of school for many years now.  The only thing they would probably remember about me, is my name.

Kalura is a combination of my father, Kaleb with a K, and my mother, Laura.  I don't know why they thought it was such a good name to name someone.  I was a combination of names before Brangelina became a household name.  My name sounds like the drink Kahlua.  Maybe I'll just shorten my name when introducing myself.  My nanny, Nora, thinks I should shorten it to Kal.  Or better yet, shorten it to Laura as well.  I hadn't decided.

Yes, I still have a nanny.  I can't imagine a world without Nora in it.  She's been like the mother I've never had because my parents are always all over the world; being scientists and all; looking for cures for cancer and such.

I understand their job is a big deal, but this is my senior year.  This is my first time ever back in the school system.  I want to live my life as normal as possible.

Okay, so there's no such thing as normal.  I've never been normal, just like my name will never be normal.  And I get my health is a bit rocky, but I want to be a senior, and do senior things like go to homecoming and prom and such.  No one has to know anything more about me.  I don't plan on getting close to anyone anyway.

I figure I'll live my life like Shel Silverstein.  He once said, "Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it."

That is what I intend to do.  I intend to live my life with no explanations.  I will be a rising star on my own terms, in my own eyes.  That's good enough for me.

Written 3/7/16 by ©Diana Jillian