Sunday, November 16, 2014

Update 11/16/14

I had been meaning to write in here.  Unfortunately, some days I'm lucky if I can get around to my computer.  My computer tends to get angry with me from time to time when I neglect it for a certain matter of time.

I mean, sure I've been able to be on here computer wise and not tablet-wise, but my time gets limited.  I have had a hectic week.

It all started on Monday when I did an hour of yoga.  I've always done the same routines, but this time around, I have not recovered from my usual exercise.  I had been sore for days.  Normally if I exercise, I'd be sore the next day and fine the day after that.  The fact that I was sore for almost a weeks means one thing...

I've been sick and didn't know it.  What gave it away?  The usual sharp pains in my chest whenever I've developed a bronchial infection of some sort.  Mucinex D is a lifesaver for someone like me.  But the problem is I've grown so immune to getting sick that....I wouldn't even know if I was REALLY sick.

I swear, if I make it to 40, it will be a freaking miracle.

Anyway, I found a list, and I've created a list of things to blog about.   I've even considered getting back into the vlogging world.  I did it once upon a time and it was fun.  I mean, yeah it's a long process.  First you run a rough draft of what you would like to say.  You call action and cut whenever you want certain parts omitted from the video.

Then you're stuck with at least a half hour or more of footage, and you have to manage someway to keep the vlog at least 5-10 minutes long...This is only so you don't lose the attention of the audience...OK, so you don't lose the attention of me who likes to walk away from things and not finish my

What was I saying?

Well, it's here, and I will get back into the swing of things.

I have been thinking about the Etsy thing lately.  I was thinking of Jillana's Jewels...But I'm not really running a jewelry shop.  I mean yes, they're bracelets, but it's mostly fabric.  I also want to make necklaces and upcycle some things.

Eh, I'll figure it out...



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