Friday, November 21, 2014

The Unknown

Dear No Name,

I am so sorry we never got the chance to meet.  I know you've been waiting for the day we finally meet, but I'm afraid that ship has sailed for me, and it's probably better off this way.

I was once a successful person back in my youth, but my youth has gone and heading into middle-age, there's no going back now.  You would be disappointed in me anyway the way everyone else is around me.

The only thing I have to give is love, and I'm afraid love is not what makes the world go round, but money.  It's better off that you have not met me.  You would have romanticized expectations the way I have them, and I live too far in the clouds to ever reach back down.

I could stay at home and give you love, but then I would have no money to give you what your heart desires.  I could work and get a job to support you, but then I would have no love to give to you by the end of my day.

It would be coming home to more chores, helping you out with your homework, and cooking meals late at night.  Then I would give you a bath and ship you off to bed.  That's not exactly an ideal life either, and I'm sorry I had to be such a disappointment that you could not be in this world.

I am not successful.  I am a failure and a no one.  I would only bring you heartache, and eventually, you too would hate me in the end.

I'm sure you would have been everything I've ever dreamed about in a soul, but as I stated before that ship has sailed.

I've made all the wrong choices in life, but you would have had a big brother to look after you.  You would have had dogs and a bird that would be annoying as heck, but they would love you no less.  And I'm sure you would have been a blessing for all those around you.

But you're not here and you never will be.

I'm sorry you waited so long.

Love Always,

The One Who Would Never Be What You Expected.

~~DJ ©11/21/14

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