Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Remote Control

Ah, the remote control.  The technology of today.  I could remember having a remote control as a kid, but you also had the option of being able to change the channel by hand.  Try doing that now.  Good luck.  Now if you lose your remote, you're pretty much screwed.

You can't function the television like you used to be able to.  You need a cable box to watch anything.  And they've tried to make the cable remotes universal, yet I can't find the proper codes for my television or my DVD player.  Yes, I still own a DVD player.  I even still own a VCR....Don't laugh.

I just haven't transferred my videos to DVD or whatever it's transferred on these days anyway.  I notice they still sell VCR's, but have you seen the prices on them????  It's gotten crazy.

Anyway, I have a TV remote, which is separate from my cable remote, and let me tell you my TV remote doesn't always work.  Then again, my cable remote doesn't work well either.  But I have so much hooked up to the TV it's unreal.

I got an Amazon Fire TV box so I can watch Netflix because my son said that the PS3 I was using was using up all the internet.  I have a hard time believing that, but OK!  Sure!  Whatever you say.

I mostly use my Amazon Fire TV for listening to Pandora.  That's besides the point.

I have to change the channel settings on my TV from TV to HDMI3 because HDMI3 was the only port the HDMI cable fit into.  Go figure!!!  And it works in port three.  Now the funny thing about my TV remote is it doesn't always work!!!!

I can press the volume button several times by the time it starts working.  I have hit the source button several times and have had to repeat the process of going from TV to HDMI3 so much it annoys me.

Half the time my TV is off anyway....Or it's just used as background noise for the dogs so they don't bark as much.

But I need the TV for when it's hockey season.  And when I watch shows, I have to use the CC or I will not be able to understand what is being said.  I can hear well, it's just sometimes, actors can speak fuzzy.  I really can't explain it.

I do wish though that my remote was a universal remote.  Meaning, I wish I could travel with the remote.  As long as I'm back on time to fix dinner...


Someday, perhaps.


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