Monday, November 17, 2014

The Home I Grew Up In

Okay, so I was on my favorite place in the whole wide world (Pinterest), when I stumbled upon a site.

25 Writing Prompts...Click here to read

And I thought to myself:  What the heck?  What do I got to lose????

I've been wanting to vlog but I don't think you'd want to see my sickly face until I'm feeling better LOL.

The first challenge on her list was to give a tour of the home you grew up in.

Okay, let me start by saying I have TONS of pics from childhood.  And I am sure I have them all.  I know I scanned them once upon a time, but I believe that was about a few years back before I had to get this new computer....Let me see what I can post...
I was either six or seven in this pic...
Holding my Care Bear....
That's how long ago this pic was taken. LOL

OK, I was trying to find an old pic...But to tell the truth, I didn't just grow up in any one house....However, the one house that was constant was my grandma's up until 8 years ago.

All I know is when we moved from Brooklyn to a magical place called Hewlett, NY.  The old man that lived in the house died and his daughter sold the house to my grandma.  She gave me a little tiny broom...Because I always liked to sweep up like my grandma LOL.

There was a laundry shoot to the basement.  There were all these little secret compartments...Especially in the basement.  There was a hole in the wall...Inside the wall had my grandpa's record collection and if you looked to your left, there was another secret compartment....It was the boiler room area.  So strange.

The house was originally an gray and red house.  It was a fake red brick on the bottom half and a gray wooden top....The windows were old, and the doors were so old, the knobs were made out of crystal or glass of some sort.  You needed a skeleton key to unlock the doors.  Eventually, as time passed, we got better windows and doorknobs...Also, we replaced the outside of the house with blue aluminum siding.

After that, the rest of the neighborhood made their houses out of aluminum siding.  We had an old house that was believed to have been built in the 1930's, and so there was no central air.  We had to rely on the good old window air conditioners.  So you can imagine the hallways and the bathrooms being hot as hell and stuffy due to lack of air.

The radiators worked just fine.  They would make strange noises like a ssssssk, sound.  It's rather hard to explain...And if you woke up in the middle of the night, I swear you could hear the old man roaming around the house.  The house was creepy as hell, but it had an old world charm to it.

It was enough of a charm for me to miss that house.  I only hope to one day make lots of money and hopefully be able to buy that house again.  Just for sentimental value....

I've never really had that as a child because we always moved around...A LOT!!!!  Living with my other half...This is the longest I've ever lived in one place.  I've been living here for almost 15 years now and while I'm free to move about...Though not really because gas prices...Even though they lowered....They still suck in price....I still suffer from cabin fever.  I feel the need for change and to move again...Start anew.

Well, that's it for me in a nutshell.  I'll see if I will continue to follow her writing prompt and see where it goes.


~~DJ  11/17/14

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