Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Today’s Quote:

“The world is divided into people who do things and people who get credit. Try, if you can, to belong to the first class. There’s far less competition.”

~~Dwight Morrow

A Little Thanks

Though you’re far away
I can see you everyday
Thanks to the electronic wonder

When in doubt
Scream & shout
For help

I ask what should be done
Should I stay or run
And think of your choice

When confused
Lines reused
I must be reminded

Like a child
When I grow wild
Repetition is nearby

When in doubt
Twist & shout
For home

In the end
Thanks to a friend
I’m pulled back from the cliff

When in doubt
Let it out
Let go

Start to dance
Take a chance
Sing your lungs out

Written by ©Diana Jillian 4/1/12

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  1. This is so wonderful!

    You're a wonderful friend yourself, Diana! <3

  2. Hi Diana,

    (((BIG HUGS))) This is a beautiful dedication and poem about friendship!

    I know I'd be lost sometimes without the benefits of the internet and how it can enrich my life at times. Having friends at a distance can be painful not being able to see them or talk but it also reminds me the bonds of good friendship are not dimished by distance.

    This poem and your friendship are an inpsiration to me about what friendship can be when we open our hearts to another.

    (((BIG HUGS)))