Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Not Over

Today's Quote:

"You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself."

~~Ethel Barrymore

Well, in that case, I grew up at a very young age...I had to learn to laugh at myself...I had to learn how to not be so sensitive. What's your take on this quote?

Hey Everyone!!!

So I've been informed that the 40 Days Of...AKA Lent...Goes from Ash Wednesday...The day I started....Until Easter Sunday. Hey man!!! I've been robbed. LOL.

Eh, I guess one more week won't kill me, right? Hey, I'm a Virgo. It's my right to always be indecisive. LOL.

So you'll have to put up with me for another week, but I may just blog daily just for the funk of it...

Did I ever mention that I'm one of those sappy hopeless romantics that loves a good romantic movie or book (With a happy ending of course. I nearly had to throw up watching the Notebook...Don't ask.)?


Well, it's true and that is why I stick to horror movies and books.

Romance that you see made in a Hollywood basement and in books are not real. Why do you think writers write these things??? Because they only wish they could have someone that was romantic towards them. You wanna know what's the closest thing to romantic?

When your man buys you a scratch-off, or when he gives you money for no reason, or when he takes you out to the movies, and maybe even out to dinner. That's as close as you'll get...

But it doesn't happen all the time...Especially not in this economy...So, a gal like me can dream...*sigh*

Yes, I just watched a movie recently through Netflix, and yes I've been watching it over and over...Well, just until Monday. I'm waiting on my 95 year old movie to come in the mail...

This movie was made in 1918, or as they said back then...Nineteen hundred and eighteen. I just heard them saying something like that on a recording in the 1920's

Listen Here

Ironically Prince wrote about kissing Valentino in a dream...He then passed the song on to the band the Bangles for their hit that you still hear till this day Manic Monday...Bizarre.

Okay, I'm rambling now.

Still doing good on my diet. Haven't eaten much today anyway...That's a good thing. LOL.

Been doing some writing. Actually I've been writing on several different stories. Every time I get stumped, I move on to the next story. LOL. At the rate I'm going, I should be done in no time. LOL

I will see you all on day 40...


  1. Oh well, I was excited that tomorrow was "Coffee Day," but no such luck--one more week! LOL!

    That looks like a fun movie! I don't think that I've ever seen one that old!

  2. Valentino sounds syrupy to my ears!!!!!! My husband (late, now) was romantic to the bone. Deep-down inborn intuitive genetic no-surface-pretense no-flowers-and-lace romantic. I am sure that his father is/was (his father lives still, his mother, not). Because it runs deep, it is not easily apparent on the surface. How can they stick more days on the end of lent just like that? Is that what happened?

    1. I was looking at an early Valentino movie and I could see that he looked like a charmer, but you also have to watch out for those charmers.

      Those Christians are so competitive with Jews it's not even funny.

      Because the Jews go by the old calendar, the Christians have to do the same. Chanukah is on the 25th of Kisvet and Christmas is on the 25th of December. It is believed that Yeshua AKA Jesus, was born in March. Chances are he probably didn't die around April and we don't know because the New Testament was written 70 somewhat years after the death of Christ.

      With that being said ( I know, I ramble. LOL) Lent ends around Easter not Palm Sunday. Coincidentally, Passover is sometime next week as well.

      That's just IMO anyway.

      Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Always great reading your blogs. An inspiration.