Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today's Quote:

"Better bend than break."

~~Scottish Proverb

I've had my fair share of bending. When I was in this relationship I am now with Andy, he thought I was young and needed some molding. I cherished his words because he was and is a very successful man. However, I changed to the point where I would not change what I had already liked about me. I told him I can't change anymore without losing myself....And I meant it.

I told him he either had to accept me for the way I am, or let me move on to someone that can accept me for the way I am. He accepted me for who I am. I think he realized he was trying to change me because I reminded him of him...Oh well, right?

Hey Everyone!

Today I went with a friend and her daughter to some kind of egg hunting place. The daughter changed her mind and decided not to do any egg hunting at all. So we went to go see the movie Mirror, Mirror. I must say it was a cute flick.

With all my anxiety over the past few days, I haven't gotten much sleep so when I got home, I took a 3 hour nap. I'm ready to sleep again but had to get my day 46 in. I really want to do a video blog, but had to charge my camcorder. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

I have an oops moment. Without realizing it, I had some popcorn...It's amazing what the movies can possess you to do. LOL

This is another post where I will just post links...Sorry. Just being lazy.

See you on day 47...Easter Sunday...

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  1. Once a friend told me that her father said that it's best to be like the Willow Tree because the Willow knows how to bend, sway and move with the wind without breaking who she is... I've always remembered this quote. I like it.

    You are who you are and that is a great person--no need to change!