Friday, November 28, 2014

Random Ramblings #1

Hey Everyone!!!

I know it's been a few days since I've written.  While trying to fight this ick I'm dealing with, I've been doing nothing but watching Netflix.  I watched the whole Crow franchise.  I just heard from my brother today that they're thinking about creating another Crow movie.  Bring it.  I like them.

How festive of me to be into the Halloween spirit when Christmas is around the corner.  I am not your traditional kind of person.  I could remember Thanksgiving as a kid.  I was the one that would always hide in my bedroom.  I always prayed families would gather at our home so I'd have a safe place to hide.

I'm not shy.  And I'm not stuck up.  I just have a hard time being around others that tell you what to do like if you're just in deep thought with your eyes open and someone shouts for you to WAKE UP!!!  You only know how pathetic it is because they're trying to entertain the group they're around.  But at what expense are you entertaining someone else?  What about the person you just made fun of?  It never dawns on someone how rude they're being...And yet, these are the same people that if you were to poke fun at them, they'd get super fucking pissed off at you for doing so.

So a certain family member was at it again...

"Smile," they said as they looked at me...

How did they know I wasn't smiling????  I always wear a smile, yet it still implores people to tell me to smile...In which your only response is to say STFU.  Seriously.  Like who the hell do they think they are????  Where do they get off?

Well, I happen to like my smile...Even if to them it looks like resting bitch face.  It's better than a shit eating grin, or a smile that will give you wrinkles and make you look like a clown or something.

UGH!!!  I had so much I've been wanting to write.  I've just been too weak to get to my computer much and write.  My energy is lacking for the past few weeks now.

But I do keep a journal, and at the end of my entry, I usually write myself reminders on what to write next.  Trust me...I'll get there.

Bear with me please...I'm getting back on track slowly but surely.


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