Sunday, November 23, 2014

No More Light

No More Light 
by ©Diana Jillian 11/23/14

I wonder if we’ve become a nation of zombies
As I cruise on my bike around the neighborhood
Too busy inside, playing with electronic devices
Hanging with friends never met, whether bad or good

** “NO hay pura luz ni sombra en los recuerdos.”
The trees and the birds are silenced by the Wi-Fi
The lack of breeze seems to indicate no life near
And the day, with what looks to me a darkened sky

I stop ahead as I notice something shiny
The only thing that seems bright in this dull
Hopping off my bike to pick up this new penny
And my staring at its shine puts me into a lull

Like the sweet, depressing sound of a violin playing 
I long for something new and shiny like this metal
But staring at this little thing is my only possible hope
Like admiring a wilting, over-blossomed flower petal

As I am staring and swaying a tiny voice speaks 
Penny for your thoughts; what’s your inner hope?
I break out of reverie to see no one but me, alone
It’s just a part of life, something we have to cope

Written by ©Diana Jillian 11/23/14

**The quote: NO hay pura luz ni sombra en los recuerdos, is from Pablo Neruda's poem:  No Hay Pura Luz, from my best translation, meaning no pure light.

The line is saying there's no pure light, not even the shadows have memories.  Or so that's my take on it.  Translation is a difficult thing for me....But I can understand it.


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  1. "The trees and the birds are silenced by the wifi" Such a powerfully sad but true line!

    8 points Earthling! :)


  2. "Not even the shadows have memories" That is a haunting thought! So true about us becoming a nation of zombies. We lurch about feeding on the digital signals of an era that is destined to doom. I wonder what would the kids (and adults) do, should a electrical magnetic pulse from the sun wiped out the power grids and all electronic devices...Very thought provoking write! Well done!

    Blue dude

  3. Lots of truth in this!


  4. Such wonderfully wise and eloquent words. I love how you wove in the Neruda lines. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours from Southern California.