Saturday, June 17, 2017


16.10 Topic: It Was The Best Night Of My Life!
2pts: Use the word Zoroastrianism

1pt:   Incorporate a red shoe



Day 349 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

OK! Here goes nothing!

I'm grateful for the blogging group, I really am! I just run out of time like today! Today was my son's 21st birthday, and I had to work my 10 hour shift. I work from 8 to 6:30 usually every other weekend!

Everything today was rush, rush, rush. While I wouldn't say *it was the best night of my life*, I wouldn't say I hated it either!

I don't believe in *Zoroastrianism*, but I don't believe in most religions due to them always breaking out in war.

I like peace, and quantum physics.

It's usually a good day for me when I wear my *red Converse shoes.*

I honestly got nothing for the giraffes that are peeking into the window. Perhaps it a Kindergarten class, and they're learning about jungles?

Yeah, my guesses are lame, and I apologize to Martien Ecrits in advance for being so lax. I'm trying my best to catch up!

I'm grateful for good friends and family! I'm grateful for my son!





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