Saturday, December 5, 2015


I'm a little annoyed as I see these post that state we only dream of what we know.  I call it bullsh*t.

I'll give you a clear as day example.

I can remember being in the third grade and dreaming I was in the school hallway of a school I've never seen before, and I waved at a boy I've never met before.

Flash forward to a year later....The dream I had the year before was the image that was happening.

I had no idea we would be moving.  I had never seen that school prior to my dream.  I've never seen that boy prior to my dream.

We as humans are not given enough credit just as to how much we can use our brains.  Einstein once said we only use 10% of our brains....What about the other 90%?  Couldn't it be used for premonitions or telekinesis?  I know a lot of religious goers will say this is the devil speaking...But oh well!

I only know what I know.  I just get tired of seeing the same posts telling us it's impossible to dream of those or things we've never seen or been to before.  It's ridiculous.  Open your mind to possibilities.

That is all.


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