Monday, November 3, 2014

All Against Me

"When it rains, it pours."  That was the slogan of the Morton salt company.  On the cover was a girl with an umbrella...Remember that???

Well, you don't know just how true that fact is...

Today, I am the bad guy, or gal.  I'm the bad girl...Yeah, that's it.

I'm the girl that doesn't get paid for my work.  I supposedly sit at home all day long and do absolutely nothing at all.

So yeah, when I get stressed out, I get annoyed.  I get my name called every five minutes around this house.  I get called so much, I think about changing my name to something they'll never be able to pronounce.

But when I call their names...Silence.  This is how the game goes.  I get the silent treatment.  It doesn't matter if I'm dead tired after cooking or cleaning all day.  It doesn't matter if I can't get up because my back or my foot hurts.  It doesn't matter if I have a raging headache or anxiety has crept up into me, making me want to hurl.  None of that matters.  It doesn't matter if my immune system is low and I'm searching for leftover antibiotics around the house to prevent the bronchitis from developing into pneumonia.

What matters is everyone else around this house.  I don't count.

So when I call someone and get the silent treatment, I do tend to get mad.

Then I'm told, "I wish that was my only problem in the world."  Like my problems or feelings don't matter at all.

I'm insignificant...I'm unimportant.

As long as I do my civic duties as a housewife and mom, that's all that matters.

But what would happen if I just got up and left?

They would only miss me for a nano second....And then it would all start back up again.

I was told that every answer I get is the wrong answer....That I deem it as the wrong answer.

The only thing I've ever said is the way they respond to me with their answers.  I have one that gives me a snooty attitude with every answer he gives.  Instead of saying yes ma'am or no ma'am, it's YESSSSS  or NOOOOOO, oh and my favorite,  GOD!  WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  That one is always a personal favorite of mine.  It's never an answer given with compassion.  Just attitude.

I didn't realize I asked for much.

They personally want a housewife/mom that stays silent...Mute.  Says nothing at all.

I didn't realize this was the nineteen fucking fifties...

So I'm a housewife....I'm a bit of a non-traditional housewife.  I don't smoke or watch soaps or eat chocolate.  I do laundry and take care of the animals and make sure the medicines are in order.  I pay the bills and balance the checkbook.

I drive around here and there.  And here I sit crying in silence because it doesn't matter what I think after all.

But it's two against one in this household, therefore I must be the asshole.  I must be wrong.


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