Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reality Fantasy

Today's Quote:

"We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

~~Sacred Ritual Chant

Written by ©Diana Jillian

I am frozen; almost as if
I was trapped in time.
I stand alone,
And stuck in this one moment
In that one moment,
You come up to me
And take me by the hand.
You show me places
I've never been;
Places I've never heard of.
The images are all so beautiful
As I take them in
The way you're taking me in
As you take me in your arms,
You whisper in my ear
That you love me

Your lips move from my ear,
All the way to the bottom of my neck
I can feel
Your heart pounding faster
As you carry me in your arms
I can feel your hard body
Flowing inside me,
Letting my thoughts
Melt into evaporated puddles.
The sky's the limit as
I feel the euphoria rush over me.
Every breath I take is
Another reminder of how
Your love for me is strong.
Two souls intertwined
And stuck in that moment
That moment has ended,
And I give myself a mental shake.
I suddenly remember where I am,
And what I am doing.

I was trying to imagine
A better world for myself
I couldn't help but to imagine you.
One cannot control
Who they fantasize about
I couldn't help it because
Your melody was calling to me.
Your words were playing
On my heart strings like a violin
The heart wants what the heart desires,
And this heart wants you
Now, I'm back in reality,
And I know that I cannot have you.
I will never have you.
I know this now.

I am now in the world of death,
While you're still living
In your dream world.
The world amongst the living.
We weren't meant to be
Soul mates this lifetime.
There will always be
Another time, or maybe,
There won't be anytime.
Life is real and dreams...
Well, dreams,
They tend to fade.

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