Sunday, April 15, 2012

One More Chance

Written by ©Diana Jillian

If I could have just one more shot at this thing called life
If I could raise a new generation up
I would raise them without knowledge of the television
I'd raise them with out the knowledge of the internet
Just knowledge of wisdom
No hope
No dreams
Just the realism of what is truly out there
The true jobs of the world
I would tell teachers to stuff it and their beliefs
Education is highly overrated
As everyone struggles
If you're not rich
You pay the price
It's not fair and not worth it
I would teach children they would be in a mediocre job
For the rest of their lives
Don't try to ever look for greener grass
For it does not exist
If only I could have been taught to think this way
Life would have been so perfect
Because I wouldn't have disappointment in my heart
I would have expectation
What is expected of me
A life of solitude
A life of being no one

I need one more chance to prove that...

Tomorrow I shall do so.

Poem, No Rhyme,


  1. ((BIG HUGS))

    This poem just breaks my heart. I have to confess I'm an eternal optimist in the face of these truths otherwise why go on?
    What you highlight is so true unfortuantly. For so many people making it in the world is just one struggle of hurts and let downs after another. Opportunities only seem to exist so often for those who don't really need the help.

    That said if we had no dreams we'd never try and much has come from adversity. More people go largely unrecognised than there are those who "make it".
    Nothing comes from nothing, so if you're here and living I firmly believe there's no such thing as no-one, you are someone.
    So many people have risen from hardship believing often what they were doing was futile. They personally give me hope, when there's no money and what I'm doing seems pointless and useless.
    My biggest hope though is people won't have to live with so many hurts and so many children won't have to grow up being disapointed and disadvantaged.

    This poem is un ugly truth but it is a one which can still be positive, because it has the power to cement beliefs and makes one more determined to have a world of opportunity rather than a world of loss.

    ((BIG HUGS)))
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think the loans got to me. It's tough trying to find a job knowing you have a degree and there's nothing in your field. To top it off, I just found out I over extended my limit on Pell grant money so I will not be going to school in the summer. I just don't understand how I went from having everything, to having nothing....Where did it all go wrong???

      *HUGS* and thank you. I hate being realistic. It depresses me and gives me anxiety every time I think of it...