Saturday, April 29, 2017



Guesses for TOPIC: Irene
Guesses for BONUSES:
1PT: Tyler
2PTS: Stormy

Picture guess: Jessica

I originally had something written down on paper.  I since lost that paper on Sunday. The story is still embedded in my head. The people at work call me a human computer because of the way I can remember numbers, and the way I can recall memories and such.

One co-worker told me that if ever there were a math test, they would cheat off me!  LOL.  It's a real laugh because while I'm really good at formulas, I tend to have two different numbers in my mind. I have a correct number in my head, but my hand will write down a completely different number, causing my answer to be wrong. I do this with the simplest game of Sudoku. Ironically enough though, the tougher games I'm more cautious with.

So, I got off topic.  This happens to me a lot. I want to talk about something, and then I have trouble focusing, and then I fall off the topic.  This is what happens when you can't quiet your mind enough to think straight.

*deep breaths*

OK!  So, I could remember back in the 90's when we moved to Valley Stream and didn't have a phone in the house.  It's not like cell phones were popular then. The only kinds of people that had the Zack Morris phones were rich people.

For us lower-working class people, we had to use the good old pay phone to make our toll free phone callings.  There was one around the corner by the 7-11.  It's was just on the Long Island/Queens border if that tells you anything about the location.  I used to call my friend Carolina from there.  I would also call my grandma from there whenever my parents would get into a fight.

I would call from the payphone with no money.  I'd just call collect.  1-800-COLLECT was always the good one to make collect--or I should say "collect"--calls to.  I would dial the number, press the number I wanted to dial. My grandma or friend would answer...I'd manage to say, "Hey, it's me!" before the automated system would say, "You have a collect call from."  It would beep; and at the beep, I would read the number that was listed on the payphone.  I would hang up, and they would call back.

By the time the mid 90's had arrived, I always had enough change so I could make phone calls via the pay phone.  I mean, I wasn't one of those fancy kids like you had seen in movies like Clueless where I was allowed to have a pager.  According to my parents, the only people that had pagers were drug dealers and doctors.  It was more like a lame way of them saying, "We can't afford to pay the bill on them."  It was just easier to blame it on druggies and such!

Either way, the mid 90's were a good time for me.  Yeah I was missing my home in NY, but I made the best of it with music.  Music always got me through the tough times.  I'm Only Happy When It Rains was one of my favorite Garbage songs as well as Mailman by Soundgarden.  STP's Purple album was also a gateway for me to escape my life.

"You want to know about my new obsession? I'm riding high upon a deep depression. I'm only happy when it rains. Pour your misery down on me."

I wished that song had come out sooner in my high school years. I wish for a lot of things.  But that's OK! I always got by.  I never went to prom. For one, I was never asked. And two, I would have refused. But I could remember even in the 90's saying how if it were a zombie themed prom, I would totally go!  Who wouldn't want to crack a skull open for some brains?   Hmmm....Perhaps I've gone too far! I was just trying to figure out how to fit skull into this whole situation.

I left out the pizza.  In NY, you just get cheese...maybe pepperoni.  That's about it!  You don't get no fancy toppings to cover up the flavor.  And when I say NY, I mean like Long Island or Brooklyn.  Not Manhattan, or the City as most of us call it....unless you were in Little Italy.

Well I lost my train of thought again...I don't remember what I was getting at...I'll shut up now


20 Guesses:

01.) Anchovies? On Pizza? Blech!
02.) Is Pepsi Right Winged?
03.) What about Coke?
04.) Top of the morning to ya
05.) I never eat pig cause a pig is a cop
06.) Magic mushrooms (C'mon! You must have known at some point I would have gone there!)
07.) Amore
08.) Moon
09.) Round is the new square
10.) Round is a shape
11.) How do you want your tombstone?
12.) Wibbly Wobbly
13.) Timey Wimey
14.) Hey! It's 4-20, man!
15.) Cheech.....and Chong!
16.) Pie
17.) 3.14
18.) Cake
19.) Cheesy
20.) I've never sausage a thing!




  1. Love your pizza guesses, especially the last ~ Christine W.