Sunday, April 9, 2017


7.10 (w/guesses)

If I Could Turn Back Time (Jessica)

2pts: Incorporate a Led Zeppelin lyric (No guesses on that one!)
From my favorite song: What Is And What Should Never Be

1pt:  Include a needle and thread (Barbara)


If I could turn back the time,
I would at the drop of a dime
I'd risk entering the black
Just to get on the right track
Spiraled out of control.
Lost void of empty soul

A rip in the fabric of time

There's not a needle and thread
Big enough to sew up that tread

But if I could turn back time
Timing would be all mine
Nothing would be the same
Yet nothing would be tame
It is then you will always see
What is and what should never be

A rip in the fabric of time

©Diana Jillian 4/9/17, Sunday

$20 million dollar guesses

1. You don't bring me flowers anymore
2. Easter lillies
3. I'll start lent on Saturday, the day before Easter
4. What do you mean I can't do that?
5. Painting vivid colors
6. This bud's for you
7. Um, sweet potatoes
8. Spring love
9. Colors of the wind
10. Let it go
11. What? This isn't a Disney theme kind of thing?
12. I'm giving it all I've got, captain!
13. Klingons, no?
14. Those darn Daleks!
15. The guess is so diabolical, so evil, the guess can only be named a name we cannot say. We can only refer to it as HIM! (From the Powerpuff Girls)
16. Ordinary world
17. What is and what should never be (what? I was bound to go a Led Zeppelin route somewhere in my guesses!)
18. Paper flowers
19. Psychedelic
20. The end!




  1. That turning back time idea is so seductive

  2. Oh I looooove that Led Zeppelin lyric. This poem is beautiful, tugs at my heart strings. Love it when you wax poetic, beautifully done! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! I thought I was in a dry spell poetry wise! LOL I'm glad you liked it! :)