Monday, April 7, 2014



Monday, April 7th 2014

I so described on Saturday.

Yeah, it can
be a great place to get tangled up into.
It can take away all your pains and fears; it can take away your doubts
and tears.
It’s a great escape from

Mondays are a lot like that, right?
I mean, no one looks forward to Mondays. Everyone wishes it were Friday.
Like the song:

"Monday I got Friday on my mind.”

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Mondays are our fantasy days.
Where we long for Monday to be over with.
We fantasize about when Friday will come along, and what we’ll do.
Go out and have a few drinks.
Sing karaoke.
Drive around town—Eh, scratch that last part.
With gas prices these days, who can afford to just drive around anymore?
For me, I just like to sit at home and hang out on my computer and write.
For me, that’s all I need.
I escape to a fantasy world I create.
Where do you take a fantasy trip off to?


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