Thursday, March 19, 2015


Here's a couple of throwback pictures...

You have the picture.

This was my first CPK doll.  Her name is Alla Amanda.  I have her in the shed somewhere, along with my Powerpuff Girls memorabilia.  While I don't like to show it, I do have a very nerdy side to me.  LOL.

My mom wanted to get me a doll with brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin to make it identical to me.  My eyes and hair have changed over the years...Quite drastically I might add.

Any who...

Right After the CPK fiasco, my parents were suddenly on the ball with all the potential fads that might have been out there toy wise.  That year, I was given a My Little Pony and a Care Bear.  Her name was Cheer Bear.

I still have my original Cheer Bear somewhere.  I couldn't bear to have thrown her out despite her missing a nose.  But a few years back I found some more Care bears in stores and got a couple.

I've always secretly liked Grumpy bear...

They sit up on my shelf till this very day. I just keep them as decoration.  I used to have a collection of teddy bears when I was younger, but I lost them somewhere in between moving around over and over...and over again.

But I've probably said this stuff already.  I have such a great memory that most don't remember what I say and I get to repeat myself as many times I want.  

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