Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear Lost

I was trying something new out.  I saw something online about some writing prompts.  I thought I'd give it a shot.  One of them was to write a letter to someone...

Dear Lost Person...

I get that sometimes I'm not in my right mind. Sometimes I don't let LOA take over and guide me.  Some days I forget.  I am working towards it.

But now that I AM of sound mind, I have made the ultimate decision.

When I found you still listed in my contacts list, I was honestly shocked.  That's why I was like I was surprised to see you there.

I never expected a reply back from you to tell the truth, because when I sent you a happy birthday email, you never replied, and you never bothered to send me an email wishing me a happy birthday, which tells me I was the last person on your mind.

You once called me like a sister, but there I was, giving you rides, a shoulder to cry on, and a babysitter whenever you needed one.  Not one showing of gratitude ever came from you.

So when you replied and you were like you wanted to be friends, I was like screw you.  Then I asked you if I hadn't contacted you, would you have contacted me at all to tell me this?


Then I put out the words, "I forgive you," though you did not apologize (but really, you need to), and you tell me you can't deal with anymore of my "drama?"


That's what a friend says?  That's what a "sister" says?

So, here's my decision.

I can't be friends with someone that's afraid of the truth, afraid of confrontation, afraid to answer questions, afraid of communication, and afraid of their own shadows.

I hope only for your sake, your daughter doesn't pick up your habits.

And you DID know about me...You just pretend you didn't.  It's been a year exactly because that was the time I did go to the doctor and that was the last time I contacted always.

Friendship is a two way street, and you're not willing to bend to be friends.

If I was tough on you, that was only because I saw the potential you didn't see, but  you know what?  That's none of my business.

This letter will never reach you because I know somewhere, in some way, you'll find a way to take my words and twist them into something I didn't say or write.  You only pick out what  you want to see/hear.  That's fine.

Hey, so how many friends do you have, BTW?

Have a nice life!!!!  :)

I wish you well!!!!

Just remember....KARMA!!!!  It does work.


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