Sunday, February 22, 2015



Diana Jillian

If I was able to come up with topics, perhaps I would make a great leader.  I'd be one filled with wonderful ideas and topics...And pictures too!

Instead, I get songs stuck in my head.  Because I'm all about the poetry or the words that have formed into a song.  Sometimes the music sets me off, but the lyrics are what's powerful to me.

So today, I have the song Unwritten in my head.

And now I have the song Window in my head.

How does this  happen?  Just one line or word in a song can transform me into another song.  I even do this when I'm reading a book.  One word or sentence sets me off into another dimension.  I have entered into the realm of my innermost thoughts.

Inside my mind, some find it fascinating, while others find it dark and scary.

But to quote Walt Whitman:  "Every moment of light and dark is a miracle."

Walt Whitman quote

In my darkness, I do find light all the time.

Most view the dark as being alone, scared, and unprotected.  But when you really look at it, there is nothing to truly fear.

But I don't know.  I was always afraid of the light, but not so much anymore.

"You fake something until you're good at it."

~~Weird All Yankovic

When I first tried to encounter the positive side of thinking, I was like, "Yeah, right!  This stuff doesn't work."  But with more practice, I started getting better at it.  Now in both frames of my mind, the light and the dark are equally welcoming.

Yes, the library is my friend...and quite possibly my ally.  That's how I've become a more positive thinker.  I am always roaming around in the self-help section.  I have learned to become a more positive thinker, and just recently, I've learned how to meditate.

Doctor Who

The library is surely a wonderful thing.

I was searching through so many pictures, I've lost my train of thought.  Mostly because I had to create my own pics.  Some were too small, and some didn't seem right.  Can you guess which pics I created???

Have you ever listened to Pearl Jam?  I mean the early stuff???

"Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away."


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