Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting Back Into The Working World

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It's Fun To Stay At The

Well, I got myself a job working at the YMCA in the child watch program.  I don't even know how this happened considering I was wanting a job in the front desk--AWAY from children.

I made this conscious decision a few years ago that if I couldn't have anymore children of my own, why should I have to be around other people's children?
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This really has nothing to do with my story, but I love this pic! :)

I was a preschool teacher and I loved my job.  But I didn't love the parents.  They were horrible and would neglect their kids constantly.  They would go to the beach while their kids were still in daycare.  Oh, it would make me so mad, and they wonder why their kids had behavioral issues?

When my son was younger--I'm talking pre-dating the Kindergarten era--I would take him to the parks and the beach.  Anywhere and everywhere you could imagine.  I even took him with me to friends' houses because that was the kind of mom I was.  Once school starts, that's a whole different story because they could have only so many absences. 

But on Fridays, I would have to take him to the doctors, and so we would have an early day like going to the movies, or the beach, or something like that.

Those days are gone and my son is 18.  He's an only child (I'm not including the other siblings he has that my sperm donor procreated), and I wanted so much more for him.  I wanted him to have a sibling--someone he could have healthy competition with, and someone he could have as a friend forever.  I know my brother and I are really great friends now that we're adults.  I just wanted my son to have that same experience.
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I wasn't asking for much, but I was with a man who was teased and tormented about the poor hand-me-downs he had, poor haircuts he had, and his weight, and glasses.  I don't think those are bad qualities (OK, so maybe the hand-me-downs are a bit much), but kids can change and make their appearances the way they see fit.  Then again, I wouldn't know.  I don't have any other children to know if this is true or not.  I can only go by me.

I was grown up, pretty much, by the time I was four years old.  I knew how to read and write.  I knew how to tie my shoe.  I even knew how to make a scrambled egg at that age.  I knew a lot more than what most four year-olds would know.  

But that's just me.  I was not a normal child.  Perhaps I was still connected to a part of my past life back then?

The point is, the only thing I'm looking forward to is getting the insurance I need so I won't be penalized.  I would say for the money, but we all know that by the time you're done paying taxes and insurance, you'll be lucky if you have enough money for dinner for the week...or for the night.

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Yes folks!  This is what a college degree gets you.  Just stick with trade like nursing or mechanics.  You'll be better off.


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