Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Drug Testing

Hey Everyone!!!

Okay!  So it seems I may have fallen off the grid since my set of haiku's on Sunday.  I've been around.  I just really don't know what to say...Until today!!!

I applied at the only job I knew would hire me because, well, because I have an automatic in with my mother in law working there behind the desk.

I applied for a job at the local Y by me.

When I first applied I, honest to God, thought I was applying for a front desk position.

I wanted to be done with kids once and for all.

Oh, Universe!!!  You sick and twisted being you are!!!!


Why punish me like that? 


I figure it'll give me some credentials toward finding another job.  Unfortunately, I know that when a job doesn't want to let you go, they will tell those that are calling for references something they're not supposed to.  Mostly it comes out like, "Who are you calling for?  Diana?  Diana?  Oh!  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  I know her."  That usually sets the employer off, causing them to go in a different direction and hire someone else.
Available Upon Request

I begged the universe for an assistant library position.  Why didn't the universe listen to me?

Oh, but the library did call.  Yeah, they called to tell me it was a temporary (like 8 week temporary) part-time position.  Curse loopholes.  All because they're trying something new through an employment agency!  GRRR!!!

So, trying not to cry, I get a call from the Y that everything is a go and I just need to fill out paperwork and go for a drug test and fingerprint screening.

Okay!  So Friday, I went to get a drug test.

By today--Wednesday--I'm being told I have to re-take the drug test.  The woman on the phone told me it was "too diluted."  Like, what the heck does that mean?  I've never heard of such a thing.

Maybe this is a godsend.  I never really wanted this job to begin with.  I really don't want to work with kids anymore.  I made this conscious decision several years ago while arguing with my other half on why it was not a good time to have another baby.

Well, with my son being 18, I really don't want to be an older mom.  But it doesn't mean that I want to be around painful reminders of what I'll never have in this lifetime.  Ever!!!

I have a friend with three kids and I think she cursed me.  She said I should work with kids so I'll be reminded of what pain in the necks children are.  I was just like yeah, I hope your kids aren't reading your text messages to me.  They would be very hurt and wonder why their mommy doesn't like them.

I know what working in a daycare/preschool means.  It means I get to deal with lazy parents.  The ones that take a personal day off work and would rather spend it at the beach with friends than to pay attention to their bratty child and take them to the beach.  Then they wonder why their kid has behavioral issues.  Um, TAKE CARE OF YOUR KID!!!  Or don't have kids!!!!  We're at an over-population anyway and there are lots of women who would love to have a kid but can't have one.
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Anyway...I got so far off topic, it's not even funny.

So I get down to the place to pick up my papers after I take my spouse to work.  We share a vehicle, and while he's totally capable of driving and working, some days he's too weak to drive--Dialysis days would be a good example, which is why I requested to work the night shift.

And as I arrive there, the lady isn't even there.  There's some other woman behind the desk that has no clue as to what I'm talking about.  You would think the people interested in hiring me would give specific instructions in case the potential employee shows up while you have stepped out of the office.

Which only brings me to another case, and to prove my point, of how disorganized this place is.  But I showed up and was ready to re-take the test.  I guess I'll just keep working on my Etsy thing and take it from there.

Sorry to write so many words.  I usually have a rule of 500 words as we all have busy lives and other blogs to read, but some days.....GRRRR....I reiterate, GRRRR!!!!!


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