Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hansel & Gretel

Earlier today I went and saw Hansel & Gretel.  Though I didn't know any of the actors, I have to say it was a good movie.  I think I may have liked it better than Warm Bodies.

If you like movies about hunting witches, you would love this movie! :)

There was a few silly and unrealistic scenes.  And I don't thing it's a movie for kids to watch.  It's a realistic spin on an old fairy tale.  Then again, Disney originally sugar-coated fairy tales.  They were meant to be lessons for children to learn, or so I believe.

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  1. I'm planning on picking it up when it comes out on video, glad to hear you liked it!

    1. Thanks. I'm not as good of a reviewer as you are but I tried. I've been thinking about doing some DVD reviews on what I do watch. This was a good movie and I really liked the action and comedy.